Choose to Live!

Choose to Live!

Choose to Live! is a book of self empowerment.  It's about claiming your right to truly be yourself, and to live your life in the way that you know is right for you.

This book was written after the death of my son Daniel.  It has received good reviews and appreciation from readers. I hope it will help many people to feel better about being who they are, and to enjoy their lives more fully.

Choosing to live was my challenge after losing my son, so in many ways this book was very helpful to me too.

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Table of Contents

1. You are more than what you seem to be.

2. Only you can decide what is best for you (and the same goes for everyone else).

3. There is nothing you cannot do, if you choose it.

4. Some things which cause confusion.

5. Knowing what is really you – and what isn’t.

6. Lifting your perspective.

7. Everything is for a purpose, you just need to decide what that is.

8. Lying to yourself. Don’t do it!

9. If only I had whatever… my life would be really good. Well, it is already.

10. Some things are just not necessary. You decide.

11. Everyone on this planet is here for a reason. Find yours.

12. How to get from here to there.

13. Honouring yourself and your purpose.

14. Dealing with those who don’t understand, and can’t deal with you as you are.

15. As you change, so will those around you.

16. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

17. Going with the flow.

18. When the flow is going against you – or so it seems.

19. Life is for living now. Enjoy it.

20. But what about the future?

21. Expressing your creativity.

22. Nothing matters. And everything does.

23. The truth according to who?

24. Dealing with authority.

25. Are we having fun yet? Knowing how you feel.

26. Delayed reactions.

27. Doing it for yourself.

28. You are good enough.

29. What other people say to you is really mostly about them.

30. Everyone has value, especially you!

31. Pain. What to do with it, and what not to.

32. Going under.

33. Taking responsibility for yourself.

34. What you are not responsible for.

35. Saving the world?

36. Not everyone is going to get it.

37. Breathing deeply.

38. Finding balance.

39. Expressing love for yourself.

40. Being there for others.

41. Going into expansion.

42. Living with feeling.

43. Being real.

44. Coming Home.

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